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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.


As a voluntary aided school, the Governors are the admissions authority for Richard Hill; we liaise with the local authority on a co-ordinated admissions scheme to finalise places offered.  Below you will see a copy of the Criteria for Admissions to Richard Hill School which will be applied to all applications. 


First time admissions to school are not automatic so all parents need to apply to the local authority where they live for a place at their preferred school even if it is for their child to attend the catchment area school for the home address. If you live within the County we would advise and encourage you to make an online application at:  It is quick and easy and an emailed receipt is sent so you can be sure it has gone through correctly.  You will also be able to view and update the application up until the closing date and to view the results online on the offer date. 


If you live within Leicester City you must make your application to Leicester City Council at  You will need to apply to Leicester City Council naming Richard Hill School as your preferred school.  Leicester City Council and Leicestershire County Council and the school will then liaise with one another to make allocation decisions.


The deadline for applications to Leicestershire County Council is 16th January 2017 and decisions will be notified to you by post or email on 18th April 2017 depending on how you made your application.  Late applicants may not be offered a place at any of their preferred schools, or even their catchment school.


Information about primary schools and first time admissions is available on the Leicestershire County Council website - and the Leicester City Council website – together with much more information regarding education in Leicestershire and Leicester.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us or the relevant allocations departments. 


Admissions criteria 2017/2018

Admissions criteria 2016-17