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Church of England Primary School


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Teaching Staff


Ms Terena Moreton    -       Head Teacher



Miss Rachel Hames    -      Deputy Head Teacher & Class 4 Teacher




Miss Jodie Wood        -      Class 1 Teacher




Mr Charles Priestley    -    Class 2 Teacher



Ms Attiya Karbani       -     Class 3 Teacher



Mrs Laura Walton      -        Class 5 Teacher



Mrs Nicola Williams-Hutchins    -  Class 6 Teacher



Mrs Bethel Bray       -     EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Teacher Mon - Weds



Mrs Rachel Lovett        -    EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Teacher Thurs - Fri



Support Staff  


Mrs Illa Mistry      -       EYFS Nursery Nurse



Mrs Sue Harwood     -       HLTA - Higher Level Teaching Assistant



Mrs Alison Dickerson    - HLTA- Higher level Teaching Assistant



Mrs Esther Robertson-Ritchie    -  LSA – Learning Support Assistant



Mrs Sarah Harvey     -       LSA – Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Diana Needs       -       LSA – Learning Support Assistant



Mrs Yvonne Collins     -     LSA – Learning Support Assistant



Mrs Kerry Callier     -       LSA - Learning Support Assistant



Miss Jade Lewis       -    LSA - Learning Support Assistant



Mrs Sarah Salt     -       LSA - Learning Support Assistant



Mrs Cassie Goode     -   LSA - Learning Support Assistant




Administration Staff


Mrs Vaishali Shah - School Burser



Mrs Nicola McGlinchey    -  Administration Officer



Mrs Shelley Pearce  -   Receptionist/Administration Assistant




Lunchtime Supervision Team


Mrs Shelley Pearce     -           Midday Supervisor

Mrs Cassie Goode        -          Midday Supervisor

Mrs Melanie Wragg     -          Midday Supervisor 

Mrs Charlotte Brown        -    Midday Supervisor





Miss Katie Ainsworth        -       Inclusive Play Manager 




Breakfast Club Team


Mrs Diana Needs                  Breakfast Club Co-ordinator

Mrs Yvonne Collins                Breakfast Club Co-ordinator 

Mrs Sue Harwood                  Breakfast Club Assistant      

         Mrs Alison Dickerson             Breakfast Club Assistant               

Mrs Sarah Salt                      Breakfast Club Assistant      


After School Club Team


Ms Kelly Farrell           -          After School Club Co-ordinator



Mrs Shelley Pearce      -           After School Club Co-ordinator           



Premises Team


Mr John Cooper          -           Premises Officer


Charlotte Brown     -      Cleaner




Sports Coach


Mr Marc Schulz


      Clerk to Governors

Liz Reid