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This week has been mental health awareness week.


With lessons like P.E. we consider how to help our bodies be strong. It is important to take time to consider looking after our minds as well. Not only developing our brains with learning but looking after ourselves and others, considering our feelings, the way we are feeling and the impact that our actions have on others as well as the impact what other people do and say has on us.


Today I would like you to think about a T.V., film or book character who you consider to be brave.


What was brave about what the character in the story did?
How do you think he or she felt when they needed to be brave?
Can you think of all the brave things you’ve already done in your lives?
Do you think it’s brave to ask for help if you need it and why or why not? And who could you talk to?


Now make a list of words or actions that can be done that make you think of a brave character or person. Use a dictionary to help you with definitions if you want/need to.


Now draw or make your own brave cartoon character adding the qualities it will have, the things that will help it to be brave and a create a motto for it. Please draw/paint/make/build from lego etc. your character. It would be great to see some of these posted on the class blog! If you can include the words around your picture that show why you have created them the way you have or if you would like to write a few sentences to describe your character than would be great too!


This video might help give you an idea about what some teachers think can be brave: Find your brave.


Have a look at the file below it might help you think about what some different ways that people can be brave too.