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A page to share ideas for home learning activities.

If you are happy to share photos of any activities that you have been up to then it would be greatly appreciated! I am sure lots of you would appreciate seeing what others are up to and how you are all approaching teaching at home! 

If you are happy to contribute to this page then please post what you have been up to on tapestry and write in the caption that you are willing for the photo to be uploaded.

Thank-you in advance,
Miss Heafford




In class the children pay for their snack and milk using play money every day. It is a super way to practise simple addition and also it helps them to understand that each coin holds a different value.
So far we have looked at paying for items that have cost between 1p-10p using 1p, 2p and 5p coins. 

One idea is that you could set up a tuck shop at home.

If you have children in EYFS and/or KS1 then you could price things up to 10p or 20p depending on how confident your child is with addition.

If you have children in KS2 as well as in Foundation then perhaps you could look at making some items more expensive and getting your older child to work out change.