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Daily Challenge

Hi everyone,

Today's challenge involves a bit of PSED, reading comprehension and a bit of art.
We are reading a story called Lubna and Pebble today and it is all about coping with change and emotions, particularly fear and kindness. While I am reading the story you could pause the video to discuss the story with your child. 

Some nice discussions or questions to ask your child could be:

- Why doesn't Lubna have a house? You could discuss what a refugee is.
- What is the 'world of tents'?
- Why were Daddy's arms salty?
- How do you think Lubna feels (from looking at one of the pictures)?
- Why does she have a pebble?
- What do you have that makes you feel safe and happy?
- Why did she give her pebble to Amir and how do you think he feels now?
- What have you done that is kind?
- What did you think of the story?

Once your child has listened to the story, watch the next video to see the follow up activity.

Miss Heafford



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