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Daily Challenge

Morning everyone!

Today's challenge is to learn about what happens to a seed when you plant it? What is it called as the seed grows up and what does it look like?

I have put some videos for you to watch below. They show what happens when a seed turns into a bean and when a seed turns into a sunflower. They are time lapses so normally it happens much slower than this and it takes weeks and weeks for your plant to grow. Can you think of anything else that grows from a seed?

When you have watched them, see if you can remember what happened and talk about it with your family. Get out the 'life cycle of a flower sheets from your topic wallet (there are 2 sheets, 2 to cut out and 1 numbered 1-4 to stick on) and see if you can put the pictures in the right order.

I think it is really interesting watching the roots grow from the bean seed, can you remember why a plant needs roots?

Miss Heafford

Time Lapse of Sunflower from Seed to Flower

Bean Time-Lapse