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Daily Challenge

Tuesday Daily Challenge

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Caterpillar Life Cycle | National Geographic

Once you have watched this video your challenge is to be able to describe what you can see.

Parents, you can help to teach the children the words for what they are seeing: 'caterpillars' are born in an 'egg', they eat the egg when they have 'hatched', they spin 'silk' around their bodies when they get older which is called a 'cocoon' and then they turn into a 'chrysalis' which 'protects' them while they are changing. Then when they are ready they come out as 'butterflies'!

I have attached a Jack Hartmann song all about this process below and if you wanted this activity to be slightly longer you could act out the life cycle using a blanket or a towel:

- First use the towel as an egg
- Emerge from the 'egg' as a caterpillar
- Gobble up a yummy leaf (towel goes under your top to make a big belly)
- Turn yourself into a J shape and get wrapped in the towel which is your chrysalis protecting you
- Emerge from the 'chrysalis' as a butterfly (the towel can now be used as wings!)

Have fun!

Life Cycle Of A Butterfly Song by Jack Hartmann