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Wednesday Daily Challenge

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Morning all,

Today's challenge is to learn all about bees. Why are they important? How do they help flowers?
I have spoken about an investigation you can do in the video. You may choose to read about bees or watch videos about them on youtube. 

I have also put some links below. The first is to the newsround website which have some videos about bees ... these would be good if you are trying to cater for older siblings as well as children in foundation! The second is to an episode of 'Let's go for a walk' from cbeebies which is all about bees and composting. The episode is 15 minutes long.

A nice additional challenge would be to do some junk modelling and creative work to try to turn yourself into a bee. Could you make yourself a stinger? Think about when we made our superpants in school... how did we make ourselves a waistband? What could you use to attach a stinger to your waistband? You might be able to make yourselves some wings too! Then you are your family can play bees buzzing around the garden pretending to collect the delicious pollen from the plants!

Have fun everyone!
Miss Heafford