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Hi everyone!

Today's daily challenge is to get out the draw a cat/ dog sheet from your home learning pack and to follow the instructions carefully to draw your own animals. When you have finished can you give your animal a name? What will your animal be like?

I would like you to write me 3 sentences about your animal in your pink book. I wonder what they will be like! Will they be friendly or mean? Do they eat grass or dog food or snails or people?! What colour are they? What do they like to do? What do they look like?


Now can you use the chatterpix app to make your animal talk? You need to think carefully about what your animal would say and try to remember which buttons you press on chatterpix to draw the mouth and record your message.

Parents: Chatterpix is a free app that you can get on your phone or ipad, it's really easy to use and is something we have done in class for many different subjects not just technology. We have made shapes talk to tell us which shape they are, we have made characters talk to apply our knowledge of story language, we have used it in music to recall our favourite songs from films by getting a picture of a character to sing and we have used our imagination to create new stories with random objects. I highly recommend it and I am yet to find a child who hasn't wanted to make everything talk after using it!


Enjoy everyone, I can't wait to see what creatures are made today! Scroll down and have a look at mine!
Miss Heafford





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