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Monday Daily Challenge

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Hi everyone! 

So today is the beginning of our farm focus and we start with 2 challenges.

1. Work with your child on matching the baby animal to the fully grown animal. Do they know the names for each animal? Play a game of pairs using the animal cards in your home learning pack. Turn 2 cards over on your turn and if you manage to find the baby and adult of the same animal, for example the cow and calf, then you get to keep that pair.

2. Talk with your child and help them to find out what we get from each animal. This will mainly be food related but can include things like wool from sheep and leather from cows. I have put the link to several videos below which provide information about various products we get from farms, some animal products, some plant products. Those of you who are my age I hope you enjoy the 'come outside' episodes as much as I did haha! Unsurprisingly there aren't any child-friendly videos about meat products so it would be a good conversation to have at home about which meat products do we get from which animal.

Obviously I am not suggesting that you watch every single video today. Perhaps there is an animal that you want to focus on in particular or it could be that you decide to watch 1 or 2 videos a day this week.