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Daily Challenge

Hi everyone,

Today for Miss Heafford's challenge I would like you to learn about how under the sea creatures move. 
I have attached some videos of different animals for you to watch, discuss them with your family. How do they move themselves? Do they move fast or slow? Do they move forwards and backwards, sidewards or can they move in all different directions? Do they walk? Do they swim? Do they float?

Enjoy learning about how different creatures move. When you have watched and discussed the videos, click on Andy's Wild Workout and practise moving your own body like the under the sea creatures!

Have fun,
Miss Heafford

Crabs Scuttling

Puffer Fish

Jellyfish Floating

Don't worry too much about listening to the narration on this video, it is targeted at much older children. I have attached it because it shows so many different types of jellyfish moving and it would be great to discuss with your child.

Jumping Dolphins

Ocean Animal Moves

A selection of different sea creatures moving. Can you spot the anemone like in our book of the week 'Sharing a Shell'?