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Miss Heafford's Challenge: Time Capsule

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Today's challenge is to make a time capsule. I am aware that you do not all have access to a printer but don't worry, you can still use some of the same questions and formatting on a handmade time capsule letter!

This activity is all about talking to your child about their favourite things, getting them to communicate what they like, dislike, what they aspire to be and what their opinions are. It would be a lovely activity to do as a whole family so maybe print off one for each member of your family and make a family time capsule. Think of a special place to hide or bury it and have a discussion with your child about what they think they will be like when they are older. Will they like the same things? Will they still watch the same films or play the same games? To make this activity more meaningful to the children, you could decorate a box or a jar. Try to make it a really special thing for them where they almost feel like it's a box of treasures. Perhaps there are some items that you could put in? A recent photo of you as a family, your current family pets and some recent drawings the children have done would make lovely additions.

This is an activity that might seem quite odd to them as they are doing it but it will be so worth it when you have the memories to look back on in 5, 10, 20 years time!

Click on the PDF below to access the questions. Enjoy!