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Daily Challenge

Happy Monday everyone!

This week we will be focussing upon the seaside. 

The questions I would like you to think about with your child today are:
- Where is the sea and the seaside? (Have a look at a globe or a map to see how many there are and where they are)
- How can I get to the seaside? (Discuss driving but also aeroplanes and ferries)
- What is the seaside like/ what do you see there? If your child has been to the beach before then talk about what they remember, maybe get out some holiday pictures and reminisce! If they haven't then go on google maps and have a look at some different beaches... compare a UK beach to an abroad beach (e.g Brighton beach to Bondi beach)

I have attached a link to a seaside themed BBC education activity. It is an audio clip that takes the children on a seaside adventure and includes some music and movement. 

Have fun everyone, don't forget to pack your bucket and spade!
Miss Heafford