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Daily Challenge

Hi everyone!

Today I would like you to think about what might happen on a beach. What activities can you do?
I have attached a couple of episodes of My Petsaurus (they are 2 mins each) so that you can see what Chloe and Topsy get up to at the beach but I bet you can think of some more things that they could do! 
I will attach some pictures below for you to have a look at and discuss with your family.


Can you draw a picture of all of the different things you could do at the beach? Maybe you could even

make a beach picture with some exciting activities happening! 



















Here is a beach scene that somebody made showing some mermaids on the beach! 
Think about what you want on your beach picture and then think about how you will make it. What colours should you use? What texture should they be?

Have a good day!
Miss Heafford