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Daily Challenge

Hi everyone,

Today I would like you to think about how to stay safe on the beach. 

I have attached 2 pictures below. Can you spot the difference between them? There are 8 differences. I have attached this as a document too in case you want to print it out. 






















The document version is at the bottom of this page. 

Next, I would like you to think about what you would need to take with you to the beach to keep you safe.

I have attached a beach safety packing document below. Can you look at all of the items and decide which ones do you need to stay safe at the beach. Colour those items in, cut them out and stick them in your beach bag.

If you do not have a printer that is not a problem. Instead, can you get a real bag and pretend to go on holiday with your child. Pack the real life items that you would need into your bag and discuss with your child why them might need each item. Try to let them take the lead in which items they might need. You could ask questions that will lead them to each item such as "ooh it might be hot on the beach, we will probably need something to protect us, what do think would be a good idea to take to protect our skin?". Maybe you could then pretend play a day at the beach. Sunbathe on your towels, read a book, have an ice cream, talk about what you can see. You could even make some fish to spot and play a youtube video of beach noises to make it more realistic!

Have a great adventure! The documents are below.
Miss Heafford