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Daily Challenge

Hi everyone,

Today we are going to pretend that we are on a beach. It is a boiling hot day. We have just been swimming and we are tired out and wanting to relax with something yummy. What might we go to buy to eat that is delicious and will cool us down? ICE CREAMS!

Today my challenge for you is to make your very own ice cream shop!

Use whatever craft supplies your have at home (scrunched paper for the ice cream and rolled paper for a cone works brilliantly so you don't need much) and make your favourite ice cream selections. Decide how much each ice cream/ ice lolly is going to cost (parents I suggest that the ice creams cost between 1p-20p) and make some labels so that people know how much to pay. Get out some of your coins, make some or print some and then enjoy playing shops and seaside. 

Have a lovely time, I wonder if any of you will make either of my favourites (see what my favourites are below)!
Miss Heafford