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Daily Challenge

Morning all,

Today your daily challenge is to research your favourite under the sea creature. I have attached some videos below that you can use to learn about each animal. It might be that you have a book about some sea creatures that you could use too.

You could look at:

- what body parts do they have?
- what colour are they?
- what do they eat? 
- how do they move?
- are they dangerous?

Maybe you could discuss what you learn with your family or if you like you could make a picture of your chosen animal.

Miss Heafford



Land Octopus!



Exploring the Coral Reef

Fun Underwater Adventure for Kids

This video full of footage from under the sea. It is 40 minutes long so isn't something to use as research but if your child is particularly interested in animals then this could be nice to watch and discuss for a period of time.