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Daily Challenge

Hi everyone!

Today for Miss Heafford's challenge we are going to do some PSHE. 

Please listen to the video below. It is a reading of the story 'Only One You'. When you are listening to the story try to look at the pictures of the fish and notice how all of them are slightly different. They all have different colours and different patterns and don't they all look beautiful. 

This makes me think of the poster in our book corner, can you remember it? "We are all different and we are all friends." You are special because of everything that makes you you!

Today I would like you to think about the people in your family and what makes them special. Can you make some fish, one for each member of your family, and design each one to show what makes that people special. 

For example, here is one that I have made about what makes my sister special:




















Her favourite colour is blue, she is really good at playing football, she is very kind so I put a heart and she always makes me laugh so I put a laughing face. They are the reasons that she is special to me.

I wonder what you will draw/stick onto your families fish!

The purpose of this activity is to think about the reasons that we love our families and what makes each individual special. I have attached a template of a fish below if you wish to print them out but if you don't have a printer you can always draw a simple fish! :) 

Have a great day.
Miss Heafford

Only One You by Linda Kranz