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Daily Challenge

Hi everyone,

Spring is over and the season is officially now summer. 

Today my challenge for you is to learn all about summer. What is the weather like in summer? What do people like to do in summer? How do we look after ourselves in the summer time?

I would like you to go on a hunt in your house and see how many items that you can think of that you might use in the summer time.

(Parents we did this in school yesterday and had picnic items, a ball to play tennis, scuba diving/swimming things, sun cream, water, a cap, sunglasses, a beach ball and a towel for the beach if you are after some ideas). 

Here are 2 summer related activities that you may do at home (these are also taking place in school):

1. Memory game - Yesterday we used around 8 of our summer items and placed them on the floor. We had around a minute to discuss and memorise the items and then the children closed their eyes and I removed an item. They then opened their eyes and had to identify which item had been removed. This activity is fantastic for concentration as well as being a nice discussion point about summer. 

2. Music and movement - We listened to Vivaldi's song called 'Summer'. We used our bodies to show how it made us feel using big movements for loud music and quick movements for fast music etc. We then all got some coloured pens and drew what the music made us think about. Some children drew pictures about summer because that was what we had discussed, others drew patterns that represented the different sounds in the music. This activity was about expression, experiencing a different music of music and again it consolidates what the children know about summer. 

Choose the volume and type of work that suits your child whether that is simply doing a little research and speaking about what summer is or by completing some of the activity ideas listed above :)

Have a great day,
Miss Heafford


Antonio Vivaldi - Summer - The Four Seasons