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Daily Challenge

Hi everyone,

Today we are going to learn about scuba diving. Watch the episode of Andy's Adventures that I have attached. Here are some questions to discuss with your child:
What is scuba diving?
What did Andy spot when he was scuba diving?
Did Andy need any special equipment/clothes to go scuba diving?
What colour was his scuba suit?
Why do you think he needed a dark coloured suit for when he went deep into the sea?

Today my challenge is for you to design your own scuba suit. I would like you to think about camouflage. Have a look at some pictures of the sea and what it is like when you dive quite deep. What colours can you see? Try to choose colours for your suit that would make you camouflage under the water. 

You can design your suit any way that you would like: paint, collage, felt tips, pencils or draw your own! I have attached a template below that you can print off if you are able. This also contains some pictures of other suits/scuba divers for inspiration. Notice what colours/ patterns they have used to become camouflage under the water.

Have a great day! 
Miss Heafford