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Daily Challenge

Hi everyone,

Yesterday you designed your own scuba diving suit. Today I would like you to research what else a scuba diver needs. How can they breathe underwater? How do they protect their body that isn't in the suit like their feet and their faces?

Once you have done your research, I would like you to use your scuba diving suit from yesterday to create a full scuba diver. Can you junk model, draw or paint yourself a face, arms and legs and try to add on all of the other things that a scuba diver needs after doing your research?

Parents: Here is a picture of an example of a scuba diver craft. 
This can be done in any way using any resources though. There are 2 learning focusses:
- Learning about what a scuba diver needs (mask, snorkel/air tank, flippers)
- Considering smaller details when using art to create a representation of a person or object.

















Enjoy the activity... I would love to see your creations when you finish!
Miss Heafford