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Daily Challenge

Hi everyone!

I have made a selection of under the sea riddles for you today. See if you can work out which sea creature each one refers to as today's topic practise. Then see my daily challenge below.

1. Can you guess who I am talking about?

 “I have no legs

I speak with a click

My skin is smooth & grey

I move in & out of the water chasing boats.

Fish is my favourite food.

What am I?”



2. Who am I describing?


“I have 10 legs.

I have two claws.

I pinch whatever I grab.

I go sideways when I walk.

What am I?”


3. Which sea creature could I be riddling about?


“I am in the sky and in the sea.

I do not have gills but I live under water and on rocks.

I am a common shape.

I have 5 arms.

What am I?”


4. I wonder who I am thinking of…?


“Who has beautiful hair, a pretty face, two arms and no legs?”


5. Finally, which creature am I describing?


“I use ink but cannot write.

I can stick on things or drift about.

I have a beak.

I have 8 arms but cannot juggle.

What am I?”



So for my challenge today is to set up an underwater cafe. We have had this activity in our continuous provision at school this week and it has been very popular. Use whatever resources you have available: we used shells, water, paintbrushes, and some play saucepans to prepare the food. We had mermaid chocolate mousse, chips, sea spaghetti which was cooked in the water to name a few. 
Take some time to engage in play with your child and order a delicious under the sea meal and ask them to prepare it for you and vice versa. It is a lovely opportunity to get imaginative and to learn about various professions and ways of life for example sending food back, giving tips, tucking in chairs, paying for things, giving change, preparing food.

Enjoy yourselves and get silly! :)
Have a great day and weekend,
Miss Heafford


Answers to the riddles:

1. Dolphin

2. Crab

3. Starfish

4. Mermaid

5. Octopus