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Daily Challenge

Hi everybody,

Today your challenge is to listen to the story "Somebody Swallowed Stanley". It is linked on this week's stories page. 

This is a fiction book so it is just made up but it is true that there is lots of plastic in our oceans! How do you think the under the sea animals feel about that? 

Take a look at the picture below. Why do you think the turtle tried to eat the plastic  bag? They don't normally eat plastic do they so what do you think she thought she was eating?

Is it a good thing that there is lots of plastic in the ocean? Why not? Look at the pictures below and discuss them as a family. What do you think about them? Should all of the plastic stay there? 































































I would like you to have a hunt around your house today for any plastic objects. How many things can you find? Parents, a super activity to do tonight would be to fill your child's bath with plastic objects such as plastic bottles, tupperware and plastic bags. Discuss how dangerous it could be if you put your head under the water while they were in there. Think about how dangerous it is for the animals who are trying to swim, breathe and eat in the water filled with plastic! How do you think the animals feel about this? 

We will be thinking about this topic all week so the bath activity could be done on any day. I will be posting it again on Friday to let parents of the children in school know about it too as obviously this isn't something that we can do in school.

Have a great day,
Miss Heafford