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Daily Challenge

Hi everyone,

Can you remember what we learnt yesterday? Wasn't it horrible seeing all of that plastic in the oceans and the poor animals getting trapped in it or trying to eat it and getting poorly. 

Today we are going to learn about how we can help to stop more plastic from going into the ocean. We will be superheroes and SAVE THE TURTLES!

Here are 3 things we can do to help with the plastic problem:
























Do you have a recycling bin? Do the other houses on your street have any? Maybe you could check when you go for your next walk.

















Some people pick things out of the sea when they go on a boat or to the beach. Some people have made some machines that will get the plastic out of the sea ... we will look at those on Friday. 

For your challenge today I would like you to talk about these 3 ways that we can help with the plastic problem and then learn all about recyling. Parents, if you have a recycling bin then show your child the 'normal bin' and the recycling bin. Then get a selection of plastic and non-plastic items from your house and get your child to sort them into a plastic group and a non-plastic group. If you wanted to extend this challenge you could discuss all things recycling and include paper, glass, plastic and tin items as well as non-recyclable items. Get your child to make a paper group, glass group, plastic group, a group of tin (cans) and an 'other' group. Talk about how some items can't be recycled but how some items can and by recycling them we can help to save the environment... just like being an eco monitor at school... and also help to save the turtles!

Have a great day,
Miss Heafford