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Daily Challenge

Hi everyone,

We have learnt lots this week about how much danger the sea turtles, and other sea creatures, are in because of plastic. Unfortunately not everybody knows about this so I am setting you a superhero mission. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to tell everyone about saving the turtles! I have attached a poster template below. Print it out if you wish and are able but this is not necessary. 
I would like you to make a poster to tell people about what is wrong with the turtles and tell them what they need to do to save them!

Can you remember all the ways that we can help them? Here are some picture clues:





Try to include a picture in your poster and you need sentences to tell people:
1. Why the turtles are in danger.
2. What we need to do to help them.

Once you have completed your poster stick it somewhere that lots of people will see, maybe you have a window that looks out onto your road! Can you show it to people on zoom/facetime, maybe some grandparents? Please send me a copy too! 

Let's be superheroes and save the turtles!







Have a great day,
Miss Heafford