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Tuesday Daily Challenge


Hi everyone, since this is our last week of 'school' before the Easter holidays, for the rest of this week our topic will be Easter.
Please look through the above powerpoint. It tells the Easter story and looks at ways that Easter is celebrated in England.
The objective of today's challenge is for the children to understand why Easter is special to Christians.


Once you have looked at the powerpoint and perhaps discussed the meaning of some of the terms such as 'disciples', 'tomb' and 'new life', the challenge is to create a cross.

I am not setting a specific craft because everyone will have different resources available at home so instead have a look at the picture below for some ideas.
You could bake some cookies in the shape of a cross, those in the picture have had the centre cut out and a crushed boiled sweet placed in the space to create the stained glass effect. You can also see outdoor materials being used to create the shape of a cross, an easter garden containing a 'tomb' and crosses on a hill and a simple cross made out of paper. For more of a challenge you could get your child to make a paper cross and draw on it all of the things they know about Easter as you can see in the bottom picture.


Get creative and have fun! Please post the finished results with a comment about what your child understood of the Easter story on tapestry.
Miss Heafford