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Daily Challenge

Hi everyone,

Today I have slightly different challenges for home learners and the children that have been in school this week because we got carried away in school and have already done today's junk modelling task.

If your child has been in school this week then your challenge today is to learn all about recycling. Explore a variety of materials around your house (paper, card, metal, tin, plastic, wood, glass, food waste) and see if your child can group a variety of objects into materials. Discuss which objects can be recycled and try to get them involved in recycling if you have a recycling bin. The children have shown an awareness of recycling this week in school but understanding how this applies in their home and learning about which materials go where would really benefit them... (home learners have done this earlier in the week).

Home learners here is your task:
Today we are going to look at some machines that people have made to try to help get all of the plastic out of the oceans. 
People have thought really hard about how to get the plastic out of the ocean without hurting the animals. They have designed these machines so they might have drawn some pictures and labelled them. Then they have built them and now look, they are getting the plastic out of the water in lots of different ways:

















Look at this machine! It rolls the plastic up out of the water, almost like the conveyer belt at the supermarket! Isn't that cool!




This machine collects the plastic in the hole that you can see. It uses the current of the ocean to move the plastic which means that the waves slowly moves the plastic into the holes. The animals don't swim into the machine and they can swim under the barrier so they don't get hurt. The plastic can't get past the barrier so the waves push it into the hole of the machine which collects it so that it is out of the ocean!
















This machine uses energy from the sun to make it able to suck up the plastic from the ocean like a vacuum cleaner!

Your daily challenge today is to come up with your own way to clean the plastic out of the oceans. You can choose whether you would like to draw your design or to junk model it. Can you explain how your model works? I would love to see it/hear about it! Maybe you could send me a photo or video on tapestry!

Have fun inventing and/or sorting everyone!
Miss Heafford