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Daily Challenge

Good morning everyone,

Today's challenge is to go on a treasure hunt! Choose a room of the house and have a look at all of the furniture in there. Can you do some simple drawings to make a map of that room? Then find some treasure and hide it somewhere in the room and mark where you have hidden it with a big x on your map, just like a pirate. 
Challenge someone in your family to find your treasure by following your map. 

Once they have found it, swap so that someone in your family draws the map and see if you can use their pictures to work out where they have hidden the treasure. 

Parents, to add to this challenge you could include some written clues such as "It is near to the ___" or "look at the ___" or "go to the ___" as these are all phonetically decodable phrases. 

Have fun on your pirate hunts everyone! Maybe you could wear the accessories you made yesterday while doing this!

Miss Heafford