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Hi everyone,

Today for Miss Heafford's challenge I would like you to share the story that I have attached below with one of your familyi members. The story is called 'The Cautious Caterpillar'. If you are cautious then that means that you might be a bit worried about something. Have you ever felt worried or nervous before? 

This task is to help with any transition nerves. Share this story with your child and try to have a discussion about what you might have felt nervous about before and when they have been apprehensive in the past.

In the story, when Cody the caterpillar spoke to friends about feeling worried, it helped to get rid of some of the worry. Have a discussion about all of the different things that you can do if you feel nervous about something. Perhaps you could think about who you can talk to (friends, family, teachers), or things that you could do (draw it out and throw it away/ feed it to worry monster, pray, try to think about some good things that might happen). 

Try to ask your child how they are feeling about being in year 1. Discuss anything they are worried about. We did this activity in class yesterday and so we spoke through worries such as 'am I going to get to play?', 'what will the year 1 classroom look like?' (they will remain in the same classroom next year in case you have missed that information) as well as any upset they might have regarding change. We realised that it was ok to feel this way and then discussed all of the exciting things that are coming up:

- getting to learn new things
- making some new friends because there will be new children in the class
- the children in school that did this activity were very excited to be able to show the new children and the teachers around the classroom that they know so well
- the teachers might know some really fun new activities
- getting to ask the new teachers about some of the things that they told us about on their videos.

Hopefully your child will get a lot from discussing this story :)
Miss Heafford