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Miss Heafford’s Challenge: Dinosaur Story

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Here is the first daily challenge. Please be patient with me as I get my head around this new way of teaching! You will find that this video is quite disjointed as I have not yet mastered the art of filming and editing lessons!

The children's first challenge is to create a book about a dinosaur. They can use whatever resources they like but I have provided a template book in the colourful wallet in their home learning pack which should make things simpler for them. There are also sound mats and tricky word mats in there to support them with their writing. 

My main tip would be to not worry about if they are not writing words correctly and to focus on allowing them to enjoy putting pencil to paper! Allow their imagination to run wild. If they want the dinosaur to get in a rocket and fly to space or eat me or do some ballet dancing then let them! You can prompt your child to use a sound or word mat to support their writing or model how to sound out a word if they are stuck, but on the whole they will learn more if they are given freedom to enjoy the activity! If you are able to write your own dinosaur story next to them then this will make completing the challenge much more enjoyable for them!


Please upload the finished results to tapestry, I would love to see them!

All the best and remember to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like any support during this time. You can reach me via the office email address or on tapestry. I will be in school on Mondays and Thursdays but can receive and respond to messages any day.


Miss Heafford