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Today you are going to have a go at drafting your own letter.

Please work through the presentation to help you and if you want to you can use one of the letter templates to think about how to set the letter out but if you are confident with this or just want to write straight in to your book that is fine too!

If you would like then you can use the work you have been doing earlier this week to help you, using the same ideas or you can write an entirely new letter to anyone you would like to about anything you like.

If you do start an entirely new letter then please still use all of this weeks learning to think about:

  • how to set the letter out;
  • using paragraphs;
  • introduction and conclusion;
  • interesting/varied sentence openers;
  • plan through what you want to write before you write it.


Please feel free to email school with some pictures of your completed work that I will share later.