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Today please publish your letter!


This is a great opportunity for you to practice and show your amazing handwriting. You can write the letter up into your book or onto a separate piece of paper if you have one. It would be amazing if you could take a picture of your work and email it into school. I am very close to completing work create a class blog where I will be able to share your work with the rest of the class and you will be able to write comments about your friends work and read comments others write about your work.


So if you would like your work presented on here please send it in! If you don't want your work on the class blog but you would like me to see it please still send it in and write a message to make it clear you would not like it on the blog.


The blog itself will only be able to be seen by members of our class (you will receive a username and password to access it) and I will verify (accept) comments people write on the blog before they appear, so no one will be able to write anything inappropriate on the blog. Anyway more details about this will follow later. 

For now, enjoy writing your letter please focus on your handwriting, your spellings and including all thes best parts from the work you have created and edited so far.