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Great work on the letter writing everyone. Today I would like everyone to take time to look on our Class Blog and have a look at letters that have been written as well as other work that people have created over the period of home learning so far and write some feedback about other peoples work.


To get on to the blog please go to


Then you need to log in to do this select Frida Kahlo class. Then you can find your username attached to the file at the bottom of this email. It is just your first name and surname with a full stop but no space between them and no capital letters. Then enter your password. Your password is the same as the Sumdog password you should have received an email about (this was sent through parent pay) but you also have to put a capital A on the end of the sumdog password, so if your sumdog password was fishy13 then your blog password would be fishy13A. I'm sorry if this is a litle complicated but hopefully the above makes sense and once you have done it once it should be a lot easier next time!


I have put up a few pieces of work people have already send me. You can comment on these by clicking on the title of a post then scroll down to the bottom of the post and type a comment in the comments box and click the add comment button. You will not be able to see the comment immediately as I need to approve all comments which I cannot be online all the time to do, however I will make time to do this everyday in the school week to keep it all as up to date as possible.


Also you can create your own posts! This is how you can share your work with everyone if you click the create post button near the top of the page then you can write a post in or you if you have taken a photo of your work you can add it in here by uploading your picture. You may need to ask an older sibling or adult for help with this. If you try and can't work it out let me know and I will try to help.


You can also edit and change your avatar. Your avatar is the little cartoon version of you that you can see on the blog. You change it by clicking on the edit profile button then clicking on the little pencil on the picture and it will take you through customising your avatar.

Remember good feedback should include some positive comments it may also include ways that people could improve their work to make it even better next time.

Hopefully this will be a great way that you can all share your fantastic work with each other and me!

Also please remember that this is a closed group page, this means that other people online cannot see it or comment or post on it. Please feel free to share things with your family at home but please do not copy pictures or photos from this page to share elsewhere with friends or family. Please DO NOT repost photos or pictures from here elsewhere online. This is to ensure that everyone feels comfortable to share things on our class blog and that our work and any pictures of ourselves stay in a safe place. 

We should think about using the class blog page a little like being in our classroom at school, please be kind, thoughtful and respectful of other people and the work they have created.


Enjoy guys!


If you have any questions about using the blog please do email and ask.