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I have seen some great work from the island descriptions that have been put up on the blog already. Great work. Today I would like you to write a paragraph (or more) to describe an island setting. There are 4 videos to choose from. I am only asking you to write a paragraph about one of them. Although you can write about more if you wish. Also a couple of the videos are quite long, you can just write about a short part of the video if you wish.


I have chosen a piece of Alethea's work and Ethan's work to share with you below.


Have fun!

Ethan's description

The paradise is awash with wonderful colours. The paradise looks beautifully exotic. The salty sea carrying gentle quiet waves. The birds  are  excitedly squawking  to see a new comer. The dark cave is spooky and damp. The cave is exhilarating and a relief from the hard beating sun.The stinky swamp it is dirty.  The  ancient temple makes you sly like a spy. Once your at the hot beach X marks the spot.

Alethea's descriptive writing

Abiqua Falls,

Adventure trails!

Zwagg Island Flyover

Sunrise Island Flyover.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Quadcopter Arches National Park and Moab, Utah using UAV Drone

Dusty landscape flyover.

Remote Island Flyover.

Remote Island Flyover.