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Today I would like you to read the two pieces of writing below, then pick one of them to create a picture of. You could label parts of your drawing with parts of the writing to show why you have included certain things in your picture or write a paragraph to explain it when you have finished. Or just create the picture. You can be as creative as you like with the picture itself, use whatever you have to create it, it could be drawn, painted, make a collage draw/create it using a programme on a computer or tablet. It is up to you!


If you would like to upload finished work to the blog that would be great.


Option 1:


The pirate captain seemed 7 feet tall. He was dressed all in black but it could not hide the coal black hair that fell to his shoulders, the coarse black beard that climbed to his eyes. Across his chest hung six pistols and a dagger, at his waist a huge cutlass.But what terrified the merchant captain most was the smoke billowing from the pirate's ears.

The merchant captain was impressed by the efficiency of it all. He was invited aboard the heavily-armed ship, interrogated about his provisions, and served rum while his cargo of sugar, cocoa and coffee was transferred to the sloop.


Option 2:


Now in command of four vessels and 400 men, Blackbeard sailed north from the West Indies. His ships were loaded with treasure and cargo taken off the Spanish Main and the Caribbean. And each of those ships were well-armed."I am no longer captain of my ship," Blackbeard mused. "I am an admiral of a fleet! Now, whole cities might tremble before me."

Many in Blackbeard's crew suspected they would soon make landfall in North Carolina. There, the treasure would be divided and the crew would rest. Blackbeard had other plans. In business, many partners make many paupers, he told himself. It may soon be time to part company. But first, he told himself, it's time pay a visit on an old friend. Blackbeard gathered a few trusted lieutenants and shared with them only one of his plans. Prepare your sails, he told them, for Charles Town.