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Firstly, it has been great to see lots of you using the blog. Putting up work and leaving comments for your friends about their work. Well done particularly to William, Alethea and Darcey, who have all left positive and helpful comments about other peoples work. It is nice to receive feedback from others so it is nice if you can give feedback to others as well. Please go on to the blog today and write some positive feedback about some work on there, you may have to go back through the pages a bit (click on the numbers at the bottom of the blog page to do this) or find a person and click on their name to see all the work they have done. Then click on the title of the piece of work to leave a comment.

I try to comment on all the pieces of work that you put up (although sometimes this takes a while for me to get around to, sorry there's a lot of work to do!).


Please work through the presentation below to learn parts of a pirate ship and then create descriptive sentences about them.

I have also put a couple of pirate themed activity sheets below. These are just additional for fun if anyone would like to do them.


Have fun!