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Today if you would like to read (or ask someone to read to you) then read from where you left off yesterday, please just read section 6 of part 1 here: The Captain's Papers. This is only a little to read today, however remember you do not have to read all of this you can use the synopsis and the animated clip to help you do today's work!


You can read the synopsis file below.


Or for the animated version everyone can enjoy please click here: The Squire and the Treasure Map.


For your work today please pick one (or more) of the questions below to answer. Please write the question and answer in your workbook:

•What happens to the pirates who were attacking the inn, once Jim and his mother escape?

• Why does Jim seek refuge with the Squire?

• Why does the Squire decide to go on a voyage? 

• What happened to the blind beggar whose visit to Billy Bones had led to the old Captain’s death? 

• For what reason is Dr Livesey afraid of the Squire? 


Check your answers in the reading answers file below. You may have different or slightly different answers for some questions.


Now use the file below. Add features to the island such as trees, mountains, rivers, any buildings, the location of the treasure, etc and label these. Add pirate-style instructions for how to find the treasure (‘find a rock shaped like a bird...take one hundred steps left... etc’). I have included a map for inspiration.