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Today if you would like to read (or ask someone to read to you) then read from where you left off yesterday, please Read part 3 up from section 1 to the end of section 3: The man of the island. This is quite a bit to read again today, however remember you do not have to read all of this you can use the synopsis and the animated clip to help you do today's work!


You can read the synopsis file below.


Or for the animated version everyone can enjoy please click here Escape to the island and Ben Gunn.


For your work today please pick TWO (or more) of the questions below to answer. Please write the question and answer in your workbook:

•Why is Squire Trelawney not rowing the boat? 

• Why does Squire Trelawney say he is not rowing the boat? 

• How did Jim get to the island?

• Why is Ben Gunn so wild-looking? 

• How did Ben Gunn come to be marooned on the island? 

 • Why does Jim not find out what the ‘bright side’ is? 

• Why is Jim pleased to see the Union Flag flying on the island? 


Today's activity is to imagine Ben Gunn has been able to keep a diary. Write entries covering the events when he was marooned. Use the template worksheet below or create your own!