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Today if you would like to read (or ask someone to read to you) then read from where you left off yesterday, please Read all of part 4: The stockade. This is a lot to read, however remember you do not have to read all of this you can use the synopsis and the animated clip to help you do today's work!


You can read the synopsis file below.


Or for the animated version everyone can enjoy please click here The stockade and the pirates attack.


For your work today please pick TWO (or more) of the questions below to answer. Please write the question and answer in your workbook:

•How come there is a wooden stockade on the island?

• How will Captain Smollett and the others be able to survive inside the stockade? 

• What does Jim mean when he says they are ‘out-numbered’? 

• Why does Long John Silver ask for a truce? 

• Why does Long John Silver call himself Captain Silver? 

• What is ‘desertion’ and why does Long John Silver say Captain Smollett deserted? Did Captain Smollett really desert?


Today's activity is: Captain Smollett tells Silver that if he gives himself up he can be sure of a fair trial in front of a court of law. Imagine Silver is a fugitive pirate on the run and create a ‘Wanted’ poster for him using the file below or just create your own. Add details of the crimes for which he is ‘Wanted’.