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Today if you would like to read (or ask someone to read to you) then read from where you left off yesterday, please read from part 5 section 27 to the end of section 29 of part 6 : The Black Spot again. This is a lot to read again, however remember you do not have to read all of this you can use the synopsis and the animated clip to help you do today's work!


You can read the synopsis file below.


Or for the animated version everyone can enjoy please click here The pirates parley and the 'black spot'.


For your work today please pick TWO (or more) of the questions below to answer. Please write the question and answer in your workbook:

•Who does Jim expect to find at the stockade? 

• How has Long John Silver come to be in charge of the stockade? 

• Why do the pirates want to kill Jim? 

• Why do the pirates want to overthrow Long John Silver? 

• Why, according to Jim, should the pirates spare him? Does this sound like a good deal and why?

• Has Jim really hidden the Hispaniola? Why does he say that he has? 

• How does Long John Silver regain his authority?

• Why is Long John Silver protecting Jim? 


Today's activity is: Use the 'Thought bubble' file (or draw your own pictures or even a cartoon strip) to add the thoughts of Silver, Jim and the pirates using the thought bubbles.