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Great work on the instruction writing everyone. It has been lovely to get some photos of your work. I will be sharing these later this week (I'm working on setting up a special way of sharing our work). 


Now we are moving on with our English work to some letter writing. Whether it is sending a written message to a friend or family member or even sending an email staying in contact with everyone is really important at times like now when it is harder to spend time together in the normal way. Although we have to consider being safe at the moment under normal circumstances there is something really special about getting a letter from a friend or loved one. It is a great way for you to really think about what you are saying, consider what you want to say and how best you can say it in a way that it is much harder to in instant messages or even email. So we are going to work towards writing a letter. 


But today we are going to start off with reminding ourselves about what a letter should look like. We are going to look at an example letter written by a character in a well known story.


Enjoy everyone!