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Today we are going to plan our own piece of descriptive writing.


Think about all the learning we have been doing about fair grounds and descriptive writing. There are 2 files below to help you think about planning your writing.


Your writing task is going to be to imagine you are going to a theme park. Think about how it feels before you go (the anticipation), then what it looks like when you walk in through the gates, all the sights, smells and sounds. Then imagine there is one ride you REALLY want to go on. What is it? What does it do? How will it make you feel. Then imagine going on the ride, what is it actually like? What happens to you on it? Describe the ride. Then after you get off, how do you feel what are you thinking etc. And lastly as you are leaving or after you leave the park reflect on how the day has been, how are you different now from the start of the day? Would you want to d it again?


Today we are just planning writing! So collect good vocab words, create a few good sentences (using all the different types of sentences we learnt about last week). And plan what your writing will be about. Use the sheets below to help.