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Extra Resources/ Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt


Go on an Easter egg hunt in the garden or house. You could make or draw your own eggs to find. Get your brother/ sister/ grown up to find the eggs. Challenge: Could you write clues to help people find your eggs?

Play a Game

Play a game that doesn’t need you to have anything more than someone to play with!

  • I spy
  • Rock – Paper - Scissors
  • Thumb Wars
  • I went to the shop and I bought…

Mindfulness Colouring Pages

Mindfulness colouring allows you to spend time being calm and focused. It helps you to relax and is good for your wellbeing. 

How To Draw: Pikachu

Learn how to draw Pikachu. Follow links from this clip to learn how to draw different characters.

How to draw a Cat for kids

Follow the step by step video to learn how to draw a cat and other animals.