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Friday 10th July

A Little Message

So, the last day of term and the end of an amazing, eventful, unique year in Foundation. 

I would just like say a HUGE THANK-YOU!

To all of you, thank-you for being so lovely to work with. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching your amazing children and working with you all as families. There has been such a loving, supportive community form in this year group which has been lovely to be a part of. I hope that you all enjoy your summer holidays, that you experience smooth transitions into year 1 in September and that you all stay safe, happy and healthy. All my best wishes and thank-you again. 

To those of you who have written such kind words in your cards or have bought presents, thank-you, it is incredibly kind of you and your words mean a lot. I believe you all contributed to the amazing framed gift that I received today so thank-you so much, that is something that I will be able to treasure forever. 

To our amazing children. I am so proud of you all. You have taken all of this change in your stride and have continued to work hard and enjoy life whether that is at home or in school. I am sad that we didn't get to spend the whole year together but I have really enjoyed the time that we spent together and I look forward to seeing you around school when you are in year 1. Make sure you give your grown ups a big hug and say thank-you for being your home-school teachers. They have all done a super job.

You should have received a message on parent pay about the 'class photo' that I put together. Please come and pick up a copy from school tomorrow if you are able, I hope that you find it a nice keepsake to remember your child's first class. I will be in school tomorrow so say hello if you are able to!

Have a great holiday everyone, stay safe!
Miss Heafford

Friday's Homeschool

I am not going to set any maths, phonics or daily challenge today. Instead, I would like you to celebrate the end of homeschool! 

In school this week we asked the children if there was anything special that they wanted to do to celebrate the end of the year and to our surprise (we were expecting something wacky from our 5 year olds) they all said that they wanted to do some more science! So we have had a science party today filled with investigations and experiments. 

Please take today to discuss the end of Foundation with your child and celebrate together however suits and excites you as a family. Perhaps you could have a celebration meal or a house disco. Maybe you could go on a space adventure, be chefs for the day, put on a fashion show or have a day filled with arts and crafts!
It is up to you but if you wish to do some science experiments then I have listed the ones that we did on the science tab below for those who wish to use them.