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Friday 1st May

Hello everyone it's Friday! 


I was in school yesterday and will be in again today. I have put together a home learning pack for you to have a go at when you have some time. It is kind of like a homework pack so you can do it whenever you or your parents think is a good time. I would, perhaps pick one activity every day and see if you can complete it. Come in between 9-3pm today to collect it - parents should have received an email about this. 


Today in maths it is the Friday challenge so follow the White Rose maths link and check out the challenge. How did your board games go yesterday? Maybe that's something you could continue with today or try and play. 


In English I would like you to re-read your story and try and edit and improve it with some better words. Otherwise you could record yourself reading it. This is a really fun activity and gives you an idea of how you sound when reading out loud. I encourage you to not be embarrassed by this as it is a really helpful tool and will improve you as a reader. I have had to be filmed and recorded teaching and coaching football and this at first was difficult but it really made me better SO GIVE IT A GO!! You could also design a front cover for your story or even write a blurb for it on a computer! 


It is of course FRIDAY so make sure you earn some golden time at the end of the day! Remember, to do this you must have done some work and shown good behaviour. Parents, we usually get 30 minutes and lose it or gain it depending on behaviour and quality of work. Sometimes we have ended with 45 minutes golden time sometimes we have ended with 0 minutes (not very often). So, this week it is up to you how much they get! YOU HAVE THE POWER! 


Have a great day and remember to be active at some point and keep having breaks! 




Mr Smith smiley