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Friday 22nd May

So today is the final day of Summer Term 1!

You have all done amazingly well. I have loved seeing and hearing about what you have got up to so thank-you to all of you who have been talking on tapestry. 

Try to make the most of the beautiful weather we have got at the minute :) Most of today's challenges can be completed outside if you wish so hopefully you are able to get out for a walk or you have some outdoor space that you can enjoy. Since it is the last day of our topic I have some puzzles for the children! I have thought of 5 things that you can find on a farm and I have written about them below. Boys and girls I wonder if you can work out what I am thinking!

Have a great day and a lovely half term.
Miss Heafford

Here are the puzzles:

Puzzle number 1:
"I have 4 legs,
I say moo,
I have udders,
You might want to thank me for what you poured on your breakfast this morning!"

Puzzle number 2:
"I live in a sty,
I am one of the most clever animals on the farm,
I am the same colour as a flamingo,
I love to roll in mud!"


Puzzle number 3:
I move quite slowly,
Sometimes I am on the field and sometimes I am on a road,
I am very good at pushing, pulling and carrying things,
I have 2 large round things at my back and 2 smaller round things at my front!"


Puzzle number 4:
I am Miss Heafford's favourite animal,
You might have me as a pet,
I help to herd sheep on the farm,
I say woof!"


Puzzle number 5:
"2 legs, a tail and wings have I,
But as hard as I try I still can't really fly,
I work very hard laying eggs in my coop,
And sometimes you might find me in your soup!"