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Friday 27th March

It is Friday!

Kids, normally you are telling me about how it is fish, chips and ice cream day, we will be choosing our star writer, maths magician and star of the week and how we will need to tidy all of the models away in our construction area! I wonder what you will be doing today?!

From what I can see on tapestry and from what you have been telling me, the children are getting the chance to make lots of lovely memories with you at home!
I know you are feeling tired and that the children are starting to feel a little confused and disorientated by what is going on but you are all doing a super job!

Some of you mentioned to me that it was difficult to access the online learning when you have several children all needing to do so at the same time. To try to help with this, I will upload some printable worksheets and activities to the foundation class page next week. In your child's home learning pack there is also the clear wallet with resources provided for that purpose.

Please remember that you are only to do your best! Whilst I am uploading several activities for the children to do and sharing ideas that you might like to use with your family, try not to compare to other families or feel pressure to complete every activity. Each child is completely unique and will be processing our current situation differently so it is important that you go with the needs of your own family. Don't be too hard on yourself if you are struggling to get your child to access any 'sit down learning'. Let's focus on staying healthy and happy!

Have a great day and enjoy the weekend!
Miss Heafford