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Friday 27th March

We have reached the end of week 1! WELL DONE EVERYONE you have all been working so hard if you would like to share any of your work with me then feel free to email through any pictures or work to 


Please see Friday's plan below and have a GREAT WEEKEND! 


If you have given permission to make an appearance in the podcast I will be making those calls at lunchtime so listen out for the phone between 12-1pm!!!!


Parents thank you all for your support as I know this week may have been a challenge at times! YOU ARE ALL DOING A GREAT JOB!


Cheers and stay safe, 


Mr Smith smiley





9am: choice between cosmic yoga or Joe Wicks workout or any other activity you have found this week.


10am-12pm: Maths and English activities



L.O: I can measure shapes


Combine our learning by drawing some shapes in you book. You must name these shapes and then measure the sides. Try and be as accurate as you can. Try and think about presentation. Be neat and tidy and maybe plan it first on scrap paper.


Challenge – can you find out what “diameter”, “circumference” and “radius” mean? (clue: they are words that are linked to shape!!)



L.O: I can write a diary about my day.


Think about what you did on one of the days this week. Think about the order of the events and be descriptive when explaining each one.


Remember to write in the first person USING FIRST PERSON WORDS LIKE “I, MY, ME, WE”



On Wednesday, my brother and me woke up, got dressed and rushed downstairs. I was very excited to have a go at the P.E challenge. When I arrived downstairs, I made some breakfast and helped mum feed our lovely, fluffy dog. After about 10 minutes, we went into the lounge and put on YouTube ready for the fitness challenge… (COULD YOU USE ANY OF MY IDEAS? WHAT ELSE COULD YOU ADD?) 




 Start with the toilet roll challenge – have a go at throwing a toilet roll into the washing basket or into a box how many attempts did it take you? Can you be creative with your throw?


P.E - Time trials


DESIGN: draw out your ideas for different stations in the garden or lounge.


  1. Run 10 m and back
  2. Hop 10 m and back
  3. 20 star jumps
  4. 10 throw and catches
  5. Skipping


Set up mini-circuits in your garden or lounge and work your way around.


Spend 1 or 2 minutes at each station.


Make it competitive by recording scores or timing yourself and seeing how many you can do in a certain time.