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Reading challenge questions - Zombies don't eat vegetables

What did Mo like to eat? 

Can you name some vegetables that Mo grew in his garden? 

Did Mo's parents like to eat vegetables? 

What did Mo make for his parents? 

What is your favourite food to eat? 

What other language is used in the story? 

What was your favourite part of the story?



Good morning everyone, 


I am putting Thursday and Friday's messages up now as I am in school on those days this week and may not find the time. 


On Thursday we are going to follow the BBC Bitesize lessons for maths and English then on Friday have a look at the plan I sent and try to write your own letter. I have already been sent some lovely ideas for people to send a letter to which is great. 


We will be recording the podcast on Friday so those of you who have contacted me look out for a call between 12 and 1.30 on Friday. 


Keep safe everyone and see you soon, 


Mr Smith




Today you could practice your phonics sounds and refresh your memories. Also, have a go at the reading challenge.