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Friday 3rd July

Happy Friday everyone!

I have an extra little task for you today. A child's first year at school is such a precious and significant time and one that as parents I am sure you will remember forever... particularly this year! One thought I have had is what a shame it is that you will not get a school photo of your child's first year in school because that is something that so many of us keep forever! So the extra task for today is to take a portrait picture of your child in school uniform and to send it to me either via tapestry or the school office. I would love for you to be able to remember your child's first class so will try to create something for this purpose.

Please send the photos by the end of the day. If you are able to inform each other about this task just in case anyone misses this message then please do so as it would be lovely to ensure that all of our amazing children are part of it. 

Thanks in advance, 
Miss Heafford